When you bang a girl doggie-style, grab her pig-tails and move them back and forth like you have a big bus steering wheel in your hands. Proceed to make vroom-vroom noises and don't forget to honk the horn.
I was bored banging this girl, so I gave her a bus driver last night.
by too_tall December 17, 2010
A variation of the shocker, performed on a woman, with one (finger) in the front and the rest in the back.
I can't believe it man, Tracy let me give her the bus driver last night and now my hand smells.
by onlinedegenerate May 05, 2009
A bunch of bad mothers that basically take everyone to school.
The Busdrivers are going to be takin' kids to school all weekend long at the 4DC.
by Aristotle, mo fo June 25, 2007
its the girlfriend that doesnt let her boyfriend out of her sight, makes his decisions, and has his balls in a jar above her desk, thus she's driving HIS bus
Man remember when dustin could come hang out whenever he wanted? his girlfriend is a real bus driver!
by shallowthoughtsby AB March 04, 2009
The uniform of the U. S. Air Force. Derived from the style of the airman's uniform which resembles an old bus driver's uniform.
Before the inspection, I need to get my busdrivers tailored and pressed.
by Vinny Trace May 12, 2008
An individual who drives passengers to and from school but unfortunately does not receive any reimbursemnt from said "passengers". This individual receives much grief from his peers due to his countless hours of time wasted driving the bus without anything to show for it. Weapon of choice is usually a green Jeep Wrangler with custom plates.
"L and J throw me a freckin bone here" said the angry Bus Driver
by jackgibson February 13, 2007
Any friend of yours in there 20's who is obsessed with dating and or making out with underage girls simply on the grounds that legal ones are a hassle emotionally.
my older brother was being abus driver on these freshman just last week at the park
by bloodydroolpitt September 28, 2006

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