Hitting a female so hard their weave falls off.
Damn, man! You gotta stop bus drivering her! She's running outta good weaves!
by Jayley☮♥☺ November 02, 2012
Te most awesome occupation in the world!
"I've gotta catch my bus, I love the bus driver!"
by revirdsub June 09, 2006
RAF slang for Bomber Pilot
"Who's the bus driver today?"
by Gari July 30, 2005
A person playing a driving sim game online, who drives very slowly, and does not allow you to pass them cleanly.
Hes such a bus driver, he needs to be kicked from the game.
by RabbleRabble December 18, 2009
One who, whilst playing video games and in particular, driving games (NFS, Gran Turismo, Forza), unintentionally turns the game controller to imitate the corner they are attempting to take and in the process looking like they are driving a bus.
"Dude! You are such a bus driver! Let me do the race."
by jb_22 December 17, 2009
Slang for Budweiser beer.
OMG, I got wasted on Bus Driver last night and slept with yer mom.
by JCroce September 07, 2008
Someone who's figuratively going nowhere in life, like a bus driver.
So you dropped out of school and you smoke buds every day?
man, you're such a fucking bus driver.
by titirangithugz4lyfecunt June 14, 2010
They call me the bus driver, because I'm here to take you to school!
by Elitist January 19, 2004

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