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An insult often used towards black males who have a white moment.
Daryl R: Man I was watching Home improvement the other day-

Rico: haha Burnt Cracker
by Mr. Swave October 03, 2007
A person of half Caucasian and half Hispanic ethnic background.
(eg: White and Puerto Rican)
Alfredo is a burnt cracker.
by Studioerebus October 01, 2003
when people call you a white cracker, go ahead and respond back burnt cracker! i really don't know why people call the white race crackers, I, myself is very offended by that. so I always respond "burnt cracker" if someone of the african american race calls me a cracker
"excuse me BURNT CRACKER"
by racist junkie January 21, 2004
A white person who acts black.
Eminem is one crazy burnt cracker
by jeb the hick February 09, 2005