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British term for skipping school; participating in truancy; playing hooky.
During 2005/06, DfES defined a persistent truant as a pupil who missed 20 or more days classed as unauthorised absence. Children often refer to it as "doing a bunk", "bunking off" or "skiving".
by Luke Thompson August 05, 2007
To "entertain oneself" before one has risen for the day, or to masturbate whilst on holiday or resting in a bunk bed.
Reba was annoyed that her college roommate kept bunking off at 6am.
by Reba Organa August 29, 2013
When one company uses another product's success to boost their own.
"If you like Coca-Cola, you'll love our soda!" They bunked off Coca-Cola.

"Think 'Sex and the City', but better!" They're bunking off Sex and the City.
by Shane Hart February 27, 2006
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