The act of taking a dump without flushing, then letting another person take a dump on top of it.
I was bunkbedding a shit in the tolet.
by Big dick dave August 28, 2013
Top Definition
After intense sex and finishing, most likely doggie style; the top partner falls asleep without pulling out.
Last night, we were so drunk, we ended up bunk-bedding.
by JessicaWhitePass August 11, 2014
Two guys who are about the height have a four way. In this four way, there is one girl bent over, doggy - style in between the two guys, while the other girl is in a plank position on the shoulders of the men. The girl on the bottom will be taking it doggy style while blowing the other guy. The girl on top will be making out with one guy, as the other guy will be feasting on her snatch from behind
John: I heard you went bunk Bedding with Stacy and Hailey, and Brock last night!
Matt: Yeah dude, we bunk bedded soo hard last night!
by The JewBear June 04, 2015
when you are making out with a girl on the top bunk while her roommate sucks your dick on the bottom bunk
I got bunk-bedded in room 136 last night it was epic.

Bunk-bedding is my favorite thing to get roommates to do.
by bethie8371 November 25, 2015
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