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The best of all the dinosaurs. The Bunkasaurus Rex is a long legged, ginger colored creature who has a strange obsession with cats. It is attracted to all things jewish, and things with the initials N.M. The Bunkasaurus Rex is sometimes called Bunky as a nickname, and it enjoys raping people's formsprings. It likes to eat rats and Cape Cod potato chips as snacks, and loves the restaurant "Friendly's". Especially Fribbles, when they get in her hair.. It is a naturally homosexual animal, and it loves its sister Kate. Salad Fingers and MCalor bring joy to her life. Ok I could go on but I'm tired. pce.
The Bunkasaurus Rex likes Addy Lambert and Marjorie Stewart Baxter.
by m&msinmykitchen September 23, 2010
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