A drinking forfeit where person 1 bends over and pulls down their trousers. Person 2 lies underneath, and drinks a pint of lager which has been poured skillfully through person 1's bum crack. Person 2 has to drink the lager as it dribbles off the testicles of person 1.
Give him a bum chunder!
by woody March 04, 2005
Top Definition
A slang term for diarrohea, derived from the word "chunder" meaning to vomit.
"Why did you bumchunder in my room!"

"That food made me bumchunder"
by MOLOTOV1010 September 02, 2009
a rapid and violent excretion as as a result of drinking in excess .

often described as a hangover shit : picture your bum throwing up .

essentially a nightmare for shared toilets .
-"i just saw Commi running down the corridor with a look of sheer panic on her face".

-"too right , she went out last night, that'll be the first BUM CHUNDER of today . lets hope she makes it to the loos" .
by lanky83 January 13, 2011
A Bumchunder is any anal excretion that looks remarkably like a type of food. Usually peanuts, sweetcorn, carrots etc

However depite the aforementioned bumchunder looking like food, it is inadvisable to consume bumchunder, as this action may result in "Mouthpoo", or actual chunder if you prefer.
It looked like sweetcorn glued together with chocolate, it was a total bumchunder!!
by Pedro Mendez November 08, 2010
A projectile explosion from the arse of a lumpy nature.
I've just done a bum chunder in my pants!
by Chunder September 14, 2006
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