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The odor that is emmited from the vaginal crevice during the monthly shedding of the crib midget sack. The pungent "fish" stench is belived to attract bears.
"Bumba Fish" Visit lake Ontario in the spring or ask grandpa why he doesnt touch grandma anymore, ever try opening a grilled cheese while smelling rotting salmon? Empty a tampoon bucket in the womens washroom.
by bumbafish December 17, 2011
all the same with the Bumba as in with all the Bumba's but just add the fish because fish is generally smelly and ugly, on the same level as Bumbaclot, worse than rassclot, bumbarass, stinkhole, bumbarassclot.
ya Bumbafish tink ya win dis bone (Dominoes), but mi got ya rass right 'ere, BAM! ya SCREWFACE!!!!
by morningstar666 February 12, 2010
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