dry cum left around the bum hole after a hard nights bumming.
my bum hole feels sore and crusty loads of bum cheese. I do hope you dont have aids now would you do one because i have to go and poo big time and i dont know you that well.
by mrphil the dilldo March 02, 2010
An expression of anger, esp. in conjunction with "Oh bloody ~", used mainly by rats and ladybugz
Oh bloody bumcheese
by TheFajMan May 13, 2003
Is produced within ones brown button,the process take weeks,once the cheese is ready for harvest,the recipient munches a ladys lettice..then swiftly deposting the grand mound of dairy goodness on a posh chez long or brass buffet.
Matron,the chesse is ready for sampling,crack open the ritz bikkies!
by anton von ton June 07, 2004
Bumcheese there's poop on ure house
Bumcheese there's poop on ure house.

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