Talking in relation to things that have no real importance or purpose. Talking to someone for the sake of talking,
"My roommate and I stayed up bullshitting about our days for an hour."
"The guys and I were bullshitting while waiting for some work to come our way."
by stater145 February 22, 2013
Bullshitting, talking up a storm, having a good time, sometimes referred to as a way to spend the time.

If you spend hours talking with someone, you can be considered to have been "bull-shitting" with them for a few hours.
"I was just bullshitting with this cute girl, we were talking up a storm."
by OREDauG May 11, 2015
When you talk like you know everything and anything, been everywhere and done everything but have not done fucking shit your whole life. When you talk about things to people and you think that they believe every fucking word you say, yet they are silently trying to figure out a polite way to get the fuck away from you because they don't believe a fucking word of your bullshit story!
Mike is bullshitting about winning at the casino again!
by pinnnochio May 07, 2015
If someone is bullshitting you, they are lying to you. Bullshit is an enhanced way to say 'lie.' Bullshitting is a different form, turning the meaning into 'Lying.'
"Larry, don't bullshit me! I know you were at a party last night!"
Larry is bullshitting with the excuse of going to the library.

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