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A deception. To put on such a good show the inspector is so impressed (s)he won't bother with a detailed check or to question anything.
Private: I can't believe the general was so impressed with that dog and pony show sir. It's a good thing he didn't really inspect the base, it's SNAFU!

Sargent: Bullshit baffles brains private.
by Eddy June 27, 2007
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To talk or write absolute nonsense but do so with such conviction everyone comes to believe it unquestioningly.
Bullshit baffles brains is a technique used with great effect by modern politicians and the mainstream media.
by dnptyf November 13, 2016
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Although the other definitions make sense, I've always associated a different meaning to this term. Bullshit Baffles Brains is a military term, I first heard it in the army thirty years ago. Rather than an attempt to deceive a third party, it is a description of the way the officers (management) and procedures are so filled with unnecessary and pointless bullshit, that they defy all logic and the fact that our glorious leaders had totally bought into that bullshit.
They want use to parade for the combat exercise in our best uniforms and change into our battle gear once we get into the field, talk about bullshit baffles brains.
by Rikstir April 28, 2017
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