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It means a gay man, homosexual.
I saw two Buller man on the tv having sex.
by Big Ren December 12, 2003
A deragotory term for Gay man or homo-sexual man.
There are lots of buller men in in that city.
by Mum March 18, 2004
(n) One who enjoys taking dick
Particularly in the ass

Used mainly in the Trinidad and Tobago

see also buller (adj)
(guy #1) "Chad is such a bullerman"
(guy #2) "I agree completely!"
(Chad) "Hey guys, wanna put your dicks in my ass?"
by moooimagoat November 29, 2011
A member or former member of the Bullingdon Club, or 'the Buller', the former Cricketing Club at Oxford which uses much of its time in the three Ds, dining, drinking and destruction. They are notable for their elite (even elitist) membership and their remarkable blue-lapelled tailcoats.

If your window is broken by a bottle of Moët, it's probably them.
Sir Michael: 'I don't think much of that chap 'Smythe', Arnold. I doubt he'd know a Bollinger if it hit him in the head.'

Lord Montague: 'Who? Archie? Careful what you say, old boy: he's a Buller Man too, dontcha know! In fact, didn't he do just that to a policeman the other day, around the back of Peckwater?'

Sir Michael: 'The Canterbury Gate incident? That was him? Concussed the poor bugger? Well, well, Monty; looks as if I've misjudged the fellow! What an excellent young chap.'
by Aloisius August 29, 2011
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