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Done in doggy style position. After ejaculation, use your last thrust to break your partner's neck against the bed post.
I didn't have any money, so I bulldozed the prostitute.
by russ March 29, 2004
to plow a girls vag so hard that your position is resembling a bulldozer moving a boulder.
most often used in the doggy position
Mark:Yo man, What happened lastnite wit you and your girl i could hear noises??
Ryan: Ahhh man i pulled a straight bulldozer on her.
by The Great Man Guru February 09, 2009
While a girl is in position for doggy style sex, place a clear tube in her ass. After she has started to shit a little bit take a micro bulldozer car (or matchbox car) and bulldoze that shit back in.
far from being gross the bulldozer is the fastest way to orgasm. she will like it more then "her pleasure" condoms.
by "honest paul" November 13, 2007
The act of taking a shit on a vagina then proceeding to ram the feces into the vagina with one's cock.
Your mom was excited that I finally passed my four day old BM and begged me for a bulldozer.
by Lewis D November 10, 2007
Another name for the Jager Bomb. A mixed drink consisting of one shot Jägermeister and a half can of Red Bull.
"Most people call this drink the Jäger Bomb, but I hate conforming to what's popular, so I call it the Bulldozer.
Using two straws, one in each nostril, while snorting two lines of any type of drug.
He had to use two straws to do a bulldozer on the two lines of coke he had just made.
by Ch. June 21, 2006
Bulldozer (n): a very large person, that is overpowering and thuggish
That huge bulldozer of a guy just shoved into the line
by "'m@ki01... January 15, 2006