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Bulldowzer (bull-dow-zer)

Verb, bulldowzered, bulldowzer, bulldowzering, adverb, bulldowzerly

1. To be mistaken to the point of irreversibility, to be in error.

2. To realize a mistake or error in hindsight: You really bulldowzered that man's haircut

3. To describe a particular situation as careless or pointless: He bulldowserly put the groceries away resulting in a messy pantry.

4. Being in the act of committing to a bulldowzer situation: She is bulldowzering dinner tonight.
"You really bulldowzered that man's haircut"
"You are going to bulldowzer this assignment"
"He has been bulldowzering at work lately"
"I bulldowzerly requested a back massage and as a result was rejected"
by Wowie Zowie June 22, 2012
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