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the new way to say "bullshit"
Person 1: You are so full of bull ass
Person 2: What a load of bull ass
by Dodongo56 March 18, 2010
A word used to describe frustration with a situation or when one has no idea what the conversation is about or what to add to it or when one agrees with the severity of the situation described. The principal is similar to "lol", "whatever" and others.

Moreover, "Bullasses" just sounds funny and it is catchy too. Try it!
Todd: "My gf hates me now because I missed one phone call"
Dave: "Bullasses"
Todd: "I know :D"


you: "So what do you think about Pete getting a promotion?"
me: "Bullasses"
you: "noice!"
by Dimon December 17, 2006

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