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Also known as Bullhead City, Arizona by those who have never ventured past the wasteland of depression, suffocating heat, and unjustifiable boredom which accumulates to high meth experimentation rates and a truly terrible school system. Basically training grounds for hell. Is comprised mostly of the elderly and white trash. Sadly the white trash is quite classy compared to the Bullhead City girls and the instacore kids roam wild and free. As do tweakers and nine years olds so bored that they must become pregnant because there's not much else to do but get your period prematurely, have sex and do meth.
Bull$h!t City-viller- What's wrong?
Me- I have to pack twenty bottles of 1000 spf sunscreen, and a tanker truck full of water, as well as ample entertainment and a Kevlar vest!
Bull$h!t City-viller- why?
Me-I'm going to go visit you in Bull$h!t City, Arizona.
#instacore #bullhead city girls #mohave high school #bullhead city #bull$h!+ city #arizona #bullf@ck city #wasteland #hell
by AlaskaYoung July 21, 2012
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