Top Definition
Verb: The PG version of bullshitting.
Noun: The PG version of bullshit.

Can also be used to describe one who needs your help but won't get off their ass to come to you for the help they need.
Scenario 1:

Guy 1: Hell, Lumbergh fucked her.
Guy 2: What?? No!!!!
Guy 3: Don't listen to him, he's just bull corning.

Scenario 2:

Guy 1: Hey man, my car's not running right, can you look at it?
Guy 2: Sure, bring it by right now, I've got time.
Guy 1: Oh, well, umm, I'm kind of busy right now, so...
Guy 2: WTF dude! Why you bull corning???
by cougar694u April 05, 2010

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