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After being pushed to the edge, one simply loses all sense of reality and resorts to a caveman, primitive like attack on whatever has brought said person such pain. Both hands are raised and placed on both sides of the head. After which the index finger is raised on both sides, resembling that of a bull's horns. Then both legs go back and forth in moonwalk fashion, looking like a bull about to charge. Lastly you make that bull rodeo noise (UUUHHHHHHH) and sprint (horns in downward position). Upon impact there are a plethra of things one can apply. Personally after knocking my prey down, I prefer a jack-knife power bomb, DDT, Stunner.........every now and then a rock bottom, followed by a people's elbow..................bull blast baby, bull blast.
Dude, Roger Goodell just tried to take away the New Orleans Hornets first round pick. I hate that guy. Someone shoud bull blast that ass, then drop a sick DDT on his dome.
by tb2_nola June 08, 2012
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