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8 in Supreme Mathematics

to elevate the mentality of self, and others around the self
To build is to elevate the mentality of self, and others around the self, to add on positive energy to Allah's nation. And to build means to add on to life. And when you build positively, you take away from negativity.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
To have a meaningful conversation. To conversate
To build with one another.
by barrygpid September 06, 2005
To hang out with/chill with/spend time with/kick it with.
Uh, she says her life is too hard
She says that she wanna come and build with the God
Promise that she gon' play her part
Cause what I spit gets straight to her heart

Nas featuring Ludacris and Doug E. Fresh - Virgo
by Kuya C January 26, 2005
Short for build order. In rts, its the order in which one builds his buildings. this is the MOST important element of any rts.
Who builds that many supply centers that early in the gme he needs to get his build down
by theHOG March 14, 2005
revolutionary replacement for crib
i'll be at my girls build after the show.
by Blaze August 29, 2003

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