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A bug-like person who is always the butt of jokes and B-ing within his close inner circle of friends (also known as BBs and the girls). Tends to insist strongly on matters he believes in, which include but are not limited to:

1. something being THE BEST

2. having small bites when not very hungry (these are actually deceptively large meals that are voraciously consumed)

3. the existence of a liverbird (mythical bird-thing only found of the crest of Liverpool F.C.)

4. using self-deprecating email addresses containing hints to his own true secret identity (e.g.

5. imposing himself wherever he may go, be it leeching off an aunt's accommodation in Alaska, a friend's cakeshop in Taiwan, or his fellow BBs by demanding a free dinner 10 days before his actual birthday) - all of which have given him the proud reputation of being an international freeloader

6. having an alter ego such as JWSG (Jurong West Sexy Guy) to prove his considerable bugheadedness

7. forcibly causing his fellow BBs to engage in self-taupoking, out of their frustration when he fails to grasp clear opportunities presented in front of him due to his penchant for extreme pessimism

8. taking pictures in foreign lands such as scenic Alaska with his arms spread wide open, and sheer bliss written all over his face

Adrian: Glory Glory Man Utd!
Jiahan: Man U not bad.. but Pool is THE BEST

Karl: im hungry, lets eat
Jiahan: i still not very hungry leh, think i'll just grab a small bite *proceeds to order 5 bowls of noodles, and devours them in 3 mins*

Yap: why’s there a bird on the Liverboo crest?
Ben: ya right
Jiahan: I’ll make a move, see you guys
Karl: I see u too
Adrian: *makes small movements*

*first day of school in AC, 2005*
Kyaw Saw Lynn: Class, I want you to write your contact no & email on this contact list
Jiahan: mine is
1AA1: LOL!

Jiahan: hi aunt, can i stay with you in Alaska?
Aunt: sure
Jiahan: hi friend, can i have some of your delicious chocolate cake?
Taiwan Cakeshop Friend: sure
Jiahan: hi guys, can you treat me to dinner 10 days before my actual birthday?
BBs & girls: sure
Jiahan: YESS!! *secretly whoops with joy*

Jiahan: Hi, i am Jiahan. They call me JWSG.
SMU Freshmen Girls: why?
Jiahan: *starts doing pushups by pushing the Earth down*
Girls: OH EM GEE

BBs: eh Jiahan, now is your chance to msg her! we help you ok? we have hidden yr phone and you have to find it
Jiahan: huh, dowan la. you guys always ruin it for me.
BBs: wah we help you and you say we ruin it? *the guys self-taupok in frustration*
Optimistic Prime: CHEEBEI

Alaska Customs Officer: Welcome to Alaska!
Jiahan: Thanks! Help me take a picture! *spreads his arms wide open abruptly, smacking the officer in the face*
Officer: wtcrap?
by ycang August 13, 2010
A person of asian appearance.
Those bug heads are bad drivers, they should open their slanted eyes.
by Mr_Unknown November 04, 2010
A word used to describe a person who makes silly suggestions or says silly things.
Person 1: Hey, let's throw rocks in holes!
Person 2: Hehehe, you're such a bughead.


Person 1: I'm the most stubborn person in the whole world!
Person 2: Don't be such a bughead!
by Jessy-Bear October 15, 2008
a bughead is a largely rolled joint,coned,uncrased,roched perfectly with a little twist...,clippaz,grindahhhh,roachieese
bughead= long,fat,smooth,smells nices,rolls nice
by roacheese October 10, 2007
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