Buffington (buh-fing-tunn) — adj.
1. The need to let everyone know how large you are despite it being truthful or not.

2. Something extremely massive in size almost to mythical proportions. Buffingtonesque.
Example: The midget's tale about how he dunked the basketball was extremely buffington.

Example: The Kracken dwarfed the island with it's Buffingtonesque girth.
by Scholarly Review Board February 29, 2012
Top Definition
An adjective which describes an attractive woman. (British Slang)
Jack: "So I hear you're getting a foreign exchange student."
Ryan: "What of it?"
Jack: "I hope she's buffington."
Ryan: "Me too."
Jack: "Dibs."
by KyleIsCrazy March 30, 2009
a female with male parts aka a huge weeny (some are known to have extremely small weenies)
these females like to show their weenies to everyone.
1: "are you a buffington?"
2: "yes."
1: "small or big?"
2: "small."
1: "ok, let me get my telescope."
2: "let's do this!"
by cholololol September 23, 2009
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