A way of describing a person whose muscles are layered under fat.
Dude, that guy needs to put on a shirt because he thinks he's ripped, but he's really buffat.
by Jocelyn Grace April 03, 2007
Top Definition
1. A restaurant whose usual patrons tend to be larger individuals, often times being large buffets that provide for unending plates food.

2. Someone who is large in stature, is wider or obese, but tends to have a larger muscle mass. Derived from "Buff and Fat."
Jim: Did you see the buffat guy at the restaurant?

Jen: Yeah, he was big. But this restaurant was more like a buffat!
by Slobber Pirate January 03, 2010
A noun used to describe a person who is buff, but fat at the same time
Did you see that guy? He was so buffat
by You'llNeverKnow ;) July 04, 2011
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