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A term that originates from Longwood University of Farmville, VA that refers to a giant hill called the almighty Buffalo Street. Buffalo St, parallel to campus, is known for its couch burning, natty fumed righteousness. It is closed off on snowdays for sledding and pure raging. To do the buffalo shuffle is to walk up and down Buffalo Street, on the prowl for alcohol and roof chillin. Also, guitars.
hey what are you doing on this fine tuesday night?
imma do dat buffalo shuffle, my nigpops. heard hospital house is doin a three kegga bittttch!
by MFYDS September 05, 2010
The way Canadians run across ice without slipping and falling.
Gary did the buffalo shuffle across the pond to get away from the moose who was chasing him.
by cdnshredder September 08, 2015
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