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noun: Someone who tends to give their friends the shit-end-of-the-stick, someone who screws their buddy for selfish reasons.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw Frank kissing my girl last night.
Guy 2: Man, what a buddy fucker!!!
by BruinsFan78 August 20, 2003
In military lingo, also a "Bravo Foxtrot."
Sergeant: "I outrank you, so I'll put myself in for the one weekend pass."
Private: "Roger that, Bravo Foxtrot."
Sergeant: "Huh?"
Private: "Buddy Fucker, ya'deuche!"
by Tom Bosch March 09, 2006
Also known as Blue Falcon in military slang.
"Someone pissed all over the stall and the walls, and now I've gotta clean it up! Bunch of Blue Falcons around here!"
by Reggie June 24, 2004
Anyone who ditches or lets their friend down, usually to do some generally undesirable task, especially if it is taking blame, exhausting work, getting in a fight. A buddy fucker usually takes a lot of blame from his friends, and depending on how bad the ditching was, may not be friends with the fucked buddy much longer.
Joe: You wanna fight?!
Bob: C'mon Jim, back me up here. *Notices Jim is gone and gets beaten up*

The next day...

Bob: Jim, you are such a buddy fucker. Asshole.
by daHoss January 07, 2009
One who will do anything to further his own personal interests without regard for the impact his actions will have on the interests of his "friends" or colleagues. Buddyfuckers cannot be trusted to "do the right thing" and have no regard for abstract principles such as ethics or morals.
This title is used frequently in the U.S. Naval Aviation community. When speaking discreetly, Aviators may say "buddy is only half of a word."
I can't believe Brad tried to steal my job just so he could get a bonus; he is such a buddyfucker!

I can't believe Brad tried to steal my job just so he could get a bonus; to him, buddy is only half of a word.
by The_Melvin April 02, 2010
a person who is so lazy and ignorant that fucking co workers over is second nature. either because he is disliked by coworkers, miserable in life, or both. some believe fucking other people over actually makes the buddy fucker feel more complete as a person even if the rest of their life is a total waste.
GUY 1: man, he wrote up that work order again, and he wrote in it that it wasnt done right to begin with just to fuck us with the higher ups.

GUY 2: man what a miserable, faggot, lowlife, buddy fucker!
by sgt boosty May 04, 2010
A type of exercise usually found in military recruit training where individuals pair up, with one performing an exercise such as pullups, burpees, or pushups, continuously while the other individual has to run to fixed object and back, where they then switch places and continue. The longer the running individual takes to complete the distance, the longer his buddy has to exercise.
Drill Instructor: "Have you really stopped running while he is doing pushups, you really are a buddy fucker!"
by pfc td April 10, 2011
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