An Australian term used as a noun in the same colloquial fashion as "brother" or "brotha". Not used to describe a sibling, rather only in greetings of friends or acquaintances.
Person 1: Hey how are ya budda?
Person 2: Yeah good budda.
by Steven Onions April 02, 2007
Top Definition
i smoked a bowl of budda
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
something really G, or something hot as hell, or another wordfor weed.
"yo son thats real budda over there"

"that niggaz a real budda fo sho"
by double G oh gee April 18, 2009
acronym for a futile act - "Barking Up a Dead Dog's Ass"
"You can go ahead and try to sell me that credit card insurance, lady, but I think you're BUDDA.
by gumpa June 11, 2009
1. Used to describe someone, something, or some place that is lame. Synonyms are lame and wack.

2. Used to describe the poor quality of weed.
1. "Look at that nigga CJ, he budda as fuck."

2. "Damn, this weed budda. I ain't even got a buzz."
by Miss Paradise October 11, 2008
To rule over little pussy's. and smoke up things like leprachauns
HEY! YOU! i want some of that sexy budda!
by Bhavdeep April 06, 2004
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