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A Bubbling Beth Bath refers to the sexual art of capturing one's enemy (preferably alive), and hanging them by their ankles above a bed. One then comenses sexual intercourse beneath their hanging enemy, stopping only to slit their throats prior to orgasm. The bubbling refers to the hanging party's blood going into the open gapping mouth of the sexual participants during orgasm, which creates a bubbling/gurgling sound when moaning in pleasure.

The Bubbling Beth Bath became popular around the turn of the decade when one young lady named Beth began the practice to keep her love life with active military personel/MMA fighters fresh and inventive, as opposed to becoming pregnant to keep them around.
Brian Stann was going to leave his mistress Beth for a new fling, until he returned home one day to see his enemy hanging from above his bed. Extremely excited, he ravished Beth immediately, only stopping to cut his enemy. The flood of blood fell upon them, creating a Bubbling Beth Bath upon orgasm
by Brian Stann January 07, 2011
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