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When one guy peees in you ass and u sqaut over there mouth and have it drain into the mouth then the guy with the pee that was in his ass jumps up and does a elboy drop and you squit the pee and shit out of ya mouth like a valcano
Man i pissed in billys ass the other night and he gave me a bubblin tom
by jjjgggiiiddyyy June 14, 2009

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The act of having someone urinate into your anus via a funnel, then defecating both their urine and your own feces directly into their mouth, and topping it off with an elbow drop, old school WWF-style. Attaching a plastic tube to the funnel is optional but adds a touch of class to this otherwise tasteless act.
Normally when people pee in my butt with a funnel, I give them the Bubblin' Tom. But since Daniel is such a classy guy, he used a plastic tube like a beer bong, so I decided not to retaliate.
by Master of the Tom June 19, 2009