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Bubbley is a very happy situation. A word to describe someone who is overall very nifty and/or spiffy.

Non-Bubbley is a very negative situation. A word to describe someone who is generally very cranky and/or infects sadness into the hearts of Bubbley people everywhere.

You cannot have Bubbley without Non-Bubbley. Anyone who tries will be held accountable for non-Bubbley activities.
-Barbara- It's so Bubbley!
-Nena- Non-Bubbley.

-Barbara- Bubbley and Non-Bubbley?
-Nena- Most definitely Non-Bubbley.

-Barbara- So, Non-Bubbley then?
-Nena- Bubbley.

-unison- Bubbley.
by Anen99 July 14, 2009
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