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A ménage à trois (or even of four or more) with some pretty bright young things in the hope of spicing up an already flagging marriage; any artificial stimulant used in the context of conjugal rites with an eye to rekindling the lusty fires of one's honeymoon. Part of a wider codified lexicon employed by Oxbridge Dons.
Wife Figure: 'Darling, I do hate to be uncouth, but why don't we forget the Connect Four just for one evening, put little Tarquin to bed and have ourselves some Bubbles Marital Bliss?\

Husband Figure: 'Daisy, you've made a scene. I think you'd better leave.'
#viagra #rhino horn #sexual stimulant #erectile dysfunction #cialis #marriage #barbra streisand
by Mdme Bovary February 19, 2010
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