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A rapper that sings to please the mainstreem, but not seen in the rap game as a true artist.
Nigga, why the fuck you listenin' to bow wow, that's just a fake ass bubble gum rapper.
by GX March 20, 2006
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by Anonymous October 05, 2003
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A bubble gum rapper is a hiphop/ rap artist that aims to please the larger masses of people rather than those small groups of people who think rap is dead and do not like mainstream music for its vulgarity and complete lack of expression.

It does not mean that the rapper who aims to please the mainstream society is not a good rapper who isnt respected by true hip hop legends and critics, it just initially means that rapper is in it for the money and fame ( well some of them arnt, but they are still famous because they are remarkably gifted) rather than trying to rap about feelings and government conspiracies(which some bubble gum rappers do but those songs arent very famous)
Lil wayne is sort of a bubble gum rapper, but he is highly respected by other rappers besides his young money crew because of his brilliant mind, his performing skills his beats and his extremely deep lyrics that not alot of people understand, thus he is "misunderstood" by plenty of people and mistaken for a True bubble gum rapper

Soulja boy is a TRUE bubble gum rapper because he has made one song that was highly liked by the masses and it was about his sexual performance with a female which was called "crank dat" he is also a one hit wonder.
by Knowledgewizard May 08, 2011
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A rapper who is more funny than hard core.
Those Millionaires are total bubble gum rappers but I love them.
by urskey October 01, 2012
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