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The place for Swiss cake rolls, glasses of soy sauce, and letter "D"'s.
drinks a glass of soy sauce from Bub's Concession Stand Woohoo! Clear the launchway, boys! We're taking this baby TO THE MOON!
by dj gs68 April 25, 2003
11 8

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drinks a glass of soy sauce from bub's concession stand
A popular hangout site for characters in the "" series; run by a "hip" character named Bubs, who sells Swiss rolls.
Strong Bad and the Cheat treated themselves to food at Bub's Concession Stand.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
46 17
A slang term for a substance which produces sudden and overabundant fecal excretion.
Hunah, dem nachos is gonna take you right on down to "Bubba's Concession Stand".
by annieannieannie October 28, 2003
4 35