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Pretty much the coolest person ever...
Bryony is beautiful, talented, confident and the whole world loves her.
"Man, I wish Bryony would look at me."
by I-AM-everything-you-want-to-be February 07, 2010
of a female persuation. Blonde hair and Blue eyes, tall with an athletic figure. Beautiful with a naughty look.
Can be seen in foreign countries such as Spain, being noticed and followed by their natives.
"did you just see that?,that was a Bryony"
"That Bryony is hot"
by Andrés69 September 23, 2007
A Bryony is one of the kindest girls you will ever meet yet sometimes has a low self-esteem. Bryonys are usually hyper and random also really funny. They are brunette however have many blonde moments. A very strong girl mentally and strong emotionally. Artistically talented and has a wide imagination. Bryonys get all the boys and everyone secretly wants to date them. Their Smiles make everything brighter. Anyone would be lucky to have a bryony!
Damn she's such a bryony!
by Rollclobams July 15, 2014
Gorgeous brunette with greeny blue eyes- average height with big boobs. Adored by men, admired by girls!
Guy- 'I think I just pulled a Bryony!'
by Gart925 November 16, 2011
noun/adjective : dizzy indivdual of a goth persuasion. Eccentric to an extreme and can generally be found getting cute (ish) blokes to buy her a drink.
'that girl is so bryony!'
'you just pulled a bryony!'
by Joanne1313 August 25, 2006
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