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Bryan'd is when somebody tells lies upon lies and is just utterly retarded. The person can be quite annoying to the extent of the have no real life friends except for other outcasts. They gloat about tedious things that people could care less about and get mad if you don't care. The person will try their hardest to annoy you if you make them mad and try to use others jokes but end up ruining them far beyond comprehension. They usually only have online friends and they barely put up with him.
Man.....I thought he was a cool guy untill he bryan'd on us

Yeah. He's told me he's had chances to kiss or go out with so many girls but no girls talk to him
by TheSneakyMonkey August 14, 2014
The most handsome and lovable person ever
That kid over there is caring like Bryand
by The_correctioner July 20, 2016
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