The newest enemy of halo 2, very hairy, and also carries 2 new weapons and grenades. Can be seen on the E3 demo of the game.
That brute sure was tough to kill, but I got him with my melee combo.
by Brian H November 01, 2004
1.a woman that is especially large, man-like, or threatening
2.a female soccer goalie who is massive witha moustache and is named "olga"
3. someone who ruins balloon animals and makes the recipients embarassed of them
person 1: oh my god, that goalie is monstrous!
person 2: she even has a moustache and cankles
person 3: ugh, she must be a brute! named olga of course...
by chlo_rick January 19, 2006
Another word for cool, bitchin, awesome, or "radical" for some. An awesome word that you should use right now
Dude #1: Hey, did you see that surfboard?
Dude #2: It was pretty brute, man
by The Urinator May 02, 2005
shortened version of brutally honest, it something you can be.
To be brute that film was terrible
by Bethan Heslop February 16, 2005
Derivatives include: "Brut", brutal, brutus. Synonyms: Crude, coarse, raw.
Meaning: Refers to churlishness with (apparently) high tolerance for lost girls with crazy earrings who keep losing things. Thinks that kissing is tongue-twisting, uses Cristal and Moet interchangeably for all princesses alike, mistakes bachata for patata (!), and fancies himself in the army. Has trouble with the volatility of flings, carries 3:00-7:00am skeletons, but he persists. Claims he can move mountains.
...How about Barcelona instead? ;)
by pjk June 20, 2004

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