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Lowlands version of an inbred hillbilly white trash. Often found in eastern North Carolina, eastern South Carolina, eastern Georgia, Nebraska, Kansas and parts of Oklahoma.
Brush hicks intelligence is one step below a redneck's. Brush hicks often in joy sodomy of family members and strangers, using meth, drinking corn liquor and very cheap no name beer. They often steal for a living or live on welfare or stolen food stamps. Brush hicks live far outside of city limits in old single wide trailers, shacks and shanties and very rarely go in to town to shop at dollar general and family dollar.
Man did you see all of the Brush Hicks out side of the dollar general ? Now I know why dollar general and family dollar are only in small town and on the outer limits of larg citys!

meth redneck's food stamps sodomy white trash hillbilly
by AssHoleJarHead October 07, 2010
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