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the crease or fault in the scrotum that physically demonstrates serperation between the testes
The man had a well defined bruntlett admist the wrinkles of his scrotum.
by Marcell Marceaux Stringfellow October 17, 2005
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The crease in the scrotum between the testes caused by years of separation and tension.
A bruntlett is something that a man should be proud of for it is a veritable family crest or heirlooom if you will that is passed down from generation to generation.
by Marcell Marceaux Stringfellow IV November 09, 2005
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The faulting in the scrotum caused by the friction between the tectonic testes.
A man should take pride in his bruntlett, for it is a veritable family crest, or heirloom, if one will.

She licks a pretty pretty pretty pretty good bruntlett
by Marcell Marceaux Stringfellow IV October 19, 2005
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