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A beautiful town where obnoxious people from St. Simons island think they are above all who aren't from St. Simons. Us normal people from the continental part of Brunswick are annoyed with those pricks. But other than that the town is a great place and you should definitely move here. We have have great festivals, great food, and friendly people. (Excluding the people from St. Simons)

We also invented Brunswick Stew!
The guy who wrote the other, more negative defintion of Brunswick, Georgia is probaly from St. Simons.
by NormalBrunswickian November 28, 2010
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Some little hick town in the middle of bum-fuck Egypt that you normally can't find on a map.
Tom: I am so bored. There is nothing to do.
Alex: Yeah me too. We must live in Brunswick, Georgia.
by JAMIEMFRAE October 13, 2008
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