ordering a water inside a fast food restaurant then when the cashier has turned their back the cup is filled with a beverage besides water.
Adam went to Taco Bell and ordered a water, when the cashier walked away from the register he pulled the brown water trick
by J-Rich14 December 02, 2009
the act of deception in which a patron at a self-serve beverage dispensary orders water but in fact fills his/her cup with a soda/lemonade/tea of some sort that would otherwise have cost money. usually pulled by those who fleet and jesse.
(after sitting down at a fast food establishment)

guy 1: yo i thought you got water with your crunchwrap supreme?

guy 2: thats what the man thinks, but i just pulled that brown water trick nukka!!!

guy 3: is you rollin?

guy 2: bitch i might be!
by Brew-HaHa December 10, 2009

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