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An word used to describe the unnatural, And often hilarious antics of three young females while engaged in unintelligible verbal, and somantic communications.
1.When the shrieking began I knew we were in for another browens.

2. Those three females were cool until the went all browens on us.

3. What the heck is happening? "Don't worry man there just pulling another browens."
by uberjosh June 01, 2006
Someone who talks, sounds, and acts" like a bro, BUT IS NOT A BRO. A BROWENS is the type of person that spends 7 years in a college town, thinks he is still in undergrad, and hits on unsuspecting freshman girls. A BROWENS will walk into a room ask you about your day, not listen, and then make whatever your saying about himself.
Freshman girl to other Freshman girl: "Who is that old creepy guy and why does he keep hitting on me"-"I don't know, but he is such a BROWENS"
by AYESCOT March 20, 2014
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