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An ancient religion set up by Metalheads/Moshers/Rockers/Goths that has very fine layers that must be respected, can als be called the Sisterhood of Metal for female members, the layers/ranks are as follows:

Air Guitarist
Preacher of Metal
Priest of Metal
Psyker of Metal
Metal Seer Council Member
Prophet of Metal
Representitive of Seers
God of Metal
The Brotherhood of Metal also has it's own army, that being
Soldier of Metal
Judge of Metal (Not to be confused as a person who decides what Metal bands are good/bad, but a person who can issue a Mosh Pit Death sentence to a Chav scumbag
me: I'm a member of the Brotherhood of Metal.
Friend: a good and well respected religion then.
by Metal Master September 27, 2005
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