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In Charles Dicken's "David Copperfield", Mr. Murdstone refers to David as "Brooks of Sheffield." This is a play on words using the verb form of "Brook" meaning "to endure" and David's home town, Sheffield. Mr. Murdstone is interested in David's mother, but sees him as something to be endured, or put up with.
I took the
opportunity of asking if she was at all acquainted with Mr. Brooks of Sheffield , but she answered No, only she supposed he must be a
manufacturer in the knife and fork way.
by The Fool of Emmaus March 09, 2009

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An imaginary character in the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Mr. Murdstone refers to him while talking over little Davy's head to his friends about his pursuance of Davy's mother.
"Quinion," said Mr. Murdstone, "take care, if you please. Somebody's sharp."
"Who is?" asked the gentleman, laughing.
I looked up, quickly; being curious to know.
"Only Brooks of Sheffield," said Mr. Murdstone.

David Copperfield, p. 27
by english_lit_mistress July 31, 2006