An emo girl who refuses to wash her hair on the premise that it makes it look better. Usually likes to disrespect her elders and vandalise other people's property for no reason. Confronts older people with insults, attacking any semblence of intellegence. Wears way too much black eye make up and hideous boots. In denial of her own promiscuity and jealous of any one else who finds happiness. Normally fuels rumors that are made up by her dispicable friends. Acts tough when in fact she could be easily beaten up by the nearest four year old. Spoiled rotten and intensely conceited. Has a big mouth and does not understand who she should NOT confront.
Did you hear that Caroline pulled a Brooke and cursed off that old lady?

I heard Brooke dropped out of high school and got engaged. Is that true?
#emo #rumors #conceited #spoiled #dispicable
by colbertnation002 March 08, 2009
Top Definition
1) A word more along the lines of Gorgeous, Beautiful, Pretty, Glamorous... etc.
2) Sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality: the Brookest professor on campus.
3) Excitingly appealing; glamorous.
You're pretty, brookeish.
#brooke #gorgeous #sexy #sexier #glamorous #radiating #sexual.
by David Parton January 20, 2008
A girl who hide's her pain with a smile everyday. Looks after everybody else before herself and never judges. Is silly and likes to joke around with her friends. She has a pure heart and a beautiful kind face. She is curvaceous and really sexy, but she doesn't think it. She is really self concious but everyone around her envies her. She loves sport and can hold her own, she is really tough and stands up for what she loves and won't let anyone get in her way. She is funny, sexy, sporty beautiful, smart and talented she would be the perfect girlfriend. She likes to flirt and muck around with the guys but when she has a boyfriend is completely faithful but is always afraid of losing them. The boys say all Brooke's are good kissers too. ;)
Boy; I'm dating a Brooke, fuck she's amazing!

Friend; SO fucking jealous, Brooke's are the best.

Boy; I know I love her.
#amazing #sexy #cute #hotty #nice #caring #babe #baben #gorgeous #noisy #flirty #fuck-a-ble
by Loserlikeme June 14, 2011
the coolest person in the world.
and she is quite pretty indeed

my best friend fer sher
you're awesome brooke
#kitties #sunsets #butterflies #pretty #mustache
by LIckagoat August 18, 2008
One of the most amazing people you will EVER meet! Brookes are really fragile, and extremly caring at heart! They are always positive, and will cheer you up when you are down!
Kayla and Brooke are Besties 4 Eva!
#brooklynn #brookie #brookie cookie #brooklynn paige #brooklyn
by ~Kayliee~ January 23, 2009
a beautiful girl with an amazing personality. shes the perfect size and has eyes that you can easily get lost into. its easy to make her laugh even when shes in a terrible mood. she gets fascinated by the slightest things and is a strong girl when she needs to be. you can never stay mad at a brooke because you'll miss her the second shes out of your life.
brooke your amazing!
#beautiful #amazing #perfect #laugh #girl #brooke
by amanda <3's brooke December 05, 2010
1. Extremely attractive, loves to play
2. Fascinating to watch, with an incredible ability to lure people in with her eyes
3. Can get emotionally hurt easy and is sensitive to criticism
4. Most beautiful person you will meet
Have you seen that Brooke, she is gorgeous
#beautiful #attractive #popular #envied #wanted
by Lovely one87 June 25, 2009
sexy beast, hot girl. no guy can resist her<3

sexy guy: did u see tht girl?

other sexy guy: ya she is such a brooke!
#brooke #sexy #beast #hot #love
by doublebprodutionsco February 19, 2009
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