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Performed during the sexual act of fisting the female vagina. While the partners hand is deep into the vagina, the woman urinates intentionaly onto the partners hand. She obnoxiously looks to make a mess with her excretions. See fisting, fist fucking, pee fetish
"Dude I was fisting this girl the other night and she gave me the bronze door knob. I smelt like piss but it was totaly worth it."
by Daralon August 13, 2009

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When A man Crams his arm into the vagina until it exits the anus covered in waste. Next the woman will grab his fist and rotate his arm inside of her loins for sexual gratification.
Last Night Laura and I tried our hand at a Bronze Doorknob. Needless to say, being a woman, she was all "sensitive" about it; and said she couldn't handle it....whata wuss.
by SatansAsshole January 14, 2011