an over the counter drug that can be purchased in Japan, containing small amounts of codine. Comes in both pill and liquid form. Taking large amounts creats that high euphoric state of mind. Only $20 for a bottle of 60 and $30 for 85.
After work lets get leaned out on BRON tonight!
by Dr. P. Hunter July 23, 2008
Dutch faggot who goes out for dinner, then stiffs you when it comes time to pay.
Hi, im bron! Im a dutch idiot! I go out to tea with my mates, then when it comes time to pay I realise I have no cash in my wallet!
by roflomfglmfao August 12, 2008
a man like woman, eg, a woman that looks like a man
'gee did u see that big ugly bron?'
by nickUELEHELH August 30, 2005
A bron is a cross between a brother and son; therefore meaning that a mother and son have copulated to produce male offspring.
One night Rocky and his mom were soooo drunk that they ended up screwing, and what do you know 9 1/2 months later--a bron.
by Logan Woolf April 01, 2009
A usually dutch individual who can be a ball sack when ever he wishes. Generally affiliated with nips or dutch people.
I hate bron's.
by #team.tobes January 23, 2004
an extremely dutch man
look @ that bron - fuck hes hot
by ROFLMAYO February 05, 2004
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