When a man acts like a woman, he has a bro-gina.
Dave doesn't want to go out tonight, his brogina is sore.
by Diamond Dallas Dave May 07, 2007
Top Definition
A laid back female that can hang with the fellas

Informal Use: "Bro-Gine"
Jessica: "Ah come on ref! That's BS... open your eyes!!"

John: "Easy Bro-Gina, it's only the first quarter"
by G-Mac January 31, 2007
When a bro pulls your junk between your legs to create a mangina, a simulated vagina.
Also known as getting enzo'd, a character from the popular kids cartoon reboot.
My friend wondered what i'd look like as a woman so he placed a wig on my head and gave me a brogina.
by D-Cumm June 19, 2010
when one of your fellow bros is acting like a vagina or a pussy
wow bro your really actin like a pussy you brogina
by christophorus August 09, 2010
A close friend of the opposite sex.
Oh, don't worry about Lamar, he's just my brogina. I would never sleep with him.
by Runt514 March 03, 2010
When a woman's clitoris is of abnormally large size, to the point that it is of similar size to a small, non-erect male penis.

Often associated with female body builders and women who squirt during an orgasm.
Dude, I was about to finger Amy and got freaked out because i thought she had a penis, but it turns out it was just a brogina so I did it anyway.
by JKP000000001 December 29, 2010
A "brogina" is when a close guy friend is being a douche about something or just doesn't want to do something because they are being lame.
Guy: Hey man want to play some Call of Duty later?
Friend: Nah i think i am going to watch Heroes instead. Sorry.
Guy: Oh sorry i forgot you had a brogina.
by President Brettacus December 03, 2009
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