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While walking in a large crowd with friends, you get separated due to a group of bros charging at you with a beer in their hands.
Wendy and Ryan were walking around at the baseball game when Wendy got bro walled and lost Ryan in the crowd.
by lameweeds June 14, 2010
also SEE: Bro-Walling


When a group of bro's form a wall at a concert and refuse to dance to any song but would rather just stand and watch with their arms folded shoulder to shoulder. Its termed bro-wall because this wall is between you and everyone having fun dancing yet they won't let you walk around them literally walling you out from the fun section of the crowd.
I was at the DEADMAU5 concert last night trying to dance in the pit up front when I was totally Bro-Walled by five frat guys.

Skrillex was awesome except for the fact 4 total bro's in front of us all wearing sperry's and polos were bro-walling us out of the group of hot girls dancing.
by guywhohatesfrats January 29, 2012
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