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Root word: Broxcore
A person that listens to metal/death metal bands such as Throwdown or Terror. They go to shows and don't let anyone besides bro kids dance in the pits. They are generally very mean to scene kids and indie kids and anyone who is remotely different than them. They think they are the toughest shit alive, and they talk crap on everyone they know. They base their lives around "victory" and "honor" but they are very hypocritical and cliche. They will often challenge someone to a fight but they will back out because they are insecure pussies.

They wear basketball shorts, a metal band shirt, slip on vans or nike basketball shoes, and a basball hat with the sticker still on.
"D00d! Did you see that bro kid punch that little girl for two-stepping?! It was so br00t4l!"
by EchelonForever. June 28, 2007
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