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A social gathering between two straight men.
I was on my bro date with my BFF yesterday
by McLovin 23 Joker March 30, 2009
98 34
When two straight males go out on a date.
"Hey Juan want to go watch a movie?"
"Sure bro"
"Alright it's settled, it's a brodate"
by Devx September 06, 2009
30 4
Participating in non-sexual events with another dude that would be considered a date with a girl
Billy: Should I make reservations at the Cheesecake Factory tonight for our bro-date?

Bob: I was thinking we have a bro-date at the movies tonight. "He's Just Not That Into You" is playing!
by Tro Domination October 26, 2009
15 2
A 1 on 1 date where two males (do not have to be gay) have fun spending time together. Brodates occur in our everyday lives even when we don't know it.
Hey Marty, wanna go on a brodate tonight?

Sure man, let's get some sushi!
by Niargbane January 19, 2014
2 1