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When two bros are blocked from bro-ing out.
Samantha: Dude, you were seriously cock blocking me and Dan today. Watching football was supposed to be our alone time.
Dan's Bro: Quite the contrary. Dan didn't want his girlfriend to watch football with him. If anything you were being a bro block.
by Shitree November 15, 2010
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Similar any event, person, or activity that one prevent one from spening time with his/her friends or bros.
My parents always bro-block me, they never let me go to parties.

Joe's girlfriend consitently bro-blocks him, always demanding that he spend time with her and not with his bros.
by 69div323 November 25, 2008
When a chick cockblocks your bro from hanging out with you. Both guys must be heterosexual so it's not an actual "cockblock," unless both are homosexual, in which it is.
You: "Dude, lets go play frisbee!"
Bro: "Yeah, bro!
Chick: "Aw, baby come stay with me!"
Bro: "Alright, see ya later, dude."
You: "Aw, man, I just totally got bro-blocked!"
by JoshPatrickCody August 20, 2013

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