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A girl who dates a guy just long enough to discover that his friend is way hotter.
Katie: are you going out with Shawn tonight?
Amber: no, Billy is taking me to a party.
Katie: Billy? You're dating shawn's roommate?
Amber: don't worry, I'm not into him. I'm just going with him because his cousin Joey is going to be at the party.
Katie: you're such a bro hopper!
by Amberooni July 01, 2011
The act of have sex with ever member of a close circle of friends.Not at the same time but one right after another
Friend one: hey is that Mark's girlfriend Sally?why is she doing making out with his best friend Jacob?

Friend two: O she a brohopper,she had sex with all of Mark's friends
by longshot88 September 15, 2011
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